21 specially trained Giggle Doctors

By combining music, play, magic and storytelling our Giggle Doctors bring joy and laughter to brave children in challenging times. Dr Boogie Woogie to Dr Teapot, our Giggle Doctors wear their very own ‘doctor coats’, which represents their character, and spend time one to one with the children.

You can click on each Giggle Doctor below to find out more about their character, where they visit, photos, videos and more!

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Giggle Doctor Training

At Theodora’s we take the training of the Giggle Doctors very seriously, ensuring the safety of the Giggle Doctors, hospital staff, and the children we visit and their families. During their intensive 2 year training, Giggle Doctors cover both clinical training such as infection control and artistic training, which helps them to adapt their artistic skills to the hospital environment.

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Giggle Doctors

Dr Boogie Woogie

Hi I'm Dr Boogie Woogie and I like to boogie and woogie, basically I'm the best dancer your eyeballs will ever see. I love talking to animals, especially cows- I think they're like big dogs and I collect sticks. I also like to imagine what things would sound like if they could speak- I think felt tips would be from Liverpool.

Dr Bungee

Hello! I’m Doctor Bungee and I live in a bouncy castle by the sea. It’s difficult to eat jelly on a bouncy castle and when it rains, I hide in the basement. I love music so I don’t go far without my saxophone which has cleverly been made into the shape of a guitar. You’ll not see me going out without my bucket on my leg, smartie pants or my fez. Be ready to answer my unusual questions like ‘what is your favourite smell or how many ceiling tiles are in your room?’ If you read this sentence, you owe me an ice cream/£10!

Dr Cowpat

Hello, I am Dr Cowpat. I am not a cow, and I am also not a pat. My sister, Principal Cowpat, is very strong. She put my hair into bunches and now they're stuck! I like things that are green like broccoli, slugs, green bananas, smoothies (with green stuff), rocks (painted green) and greenhouses (because they are so warm!). My best friend is an imaginary pony called Diabolo.

Dr Ding Dong

Hello, I’m Dr Betty Ding Dong! I come from a very small place way over there by the sea, and it’s called Ding Dong. My mother came from Ding and my father from Dong, so I’m Ding Dong. It’s a bit tricky for me to be quiet, because I was born with bells on my ankles!

Dr Dotty

Hey I’m Dr Dotty, (you can remember it because it rhymes with potty) and I love ladybirds! My other favourite things are riddles, cheesy sock sandwiches and chicken & sausage flavour ice cream. I’m actually just going to the shop now to buy some chocolate and bogey crisps so I’ve got dash!

Dr Dovetail

Aloha ha ha ha my friends! Did you know, for ages, I didn’t know my full name? When I was little I asked my mum, “what’s my first name?” She said, “um, it’s silly” I said, “it’s ok, you can tell me..” She said, “no, that’s your name: Silly” That’s me, Dr Silly Dovetail. Lovely to meet you!

Dr Easy Peasy

Dr Easy Peasy

Hi. I’m Dr Easy Peasy, and absolutely everything is easy peasy for me. Ask me to do anything at all and I will, easy peasy. If you ask me speak chicken, I can. If you tell me to fly, I will. If you want me to magically disappear I... See! Easy Peasy!

Dr Fab

My name is Dr Fab and I have been a Giggle Doctor for over 15 years. I visits children in hospitals and specialist care centres across England. By combining music, play, magic and storytelling, I bring magical moments to brave children in challenging times.

Dr Fancy Pants

Hello hello hello one and all. It is I, Dr Fancy Pants. Bringing a little style, fashion and fancy feeling to any situation. People often tell me that I have a Pink Flamingo on my head, but whenever I look, there isn’t one. When I’m not busy preparing for a photo shoot on behalf of my adoring fans, I enjoy storytelling, dancing and making up fancy walks. Passionate about all forms of art, I have been known to sing nursery rhymes in the style of Opera....at least that way we can understand the words...mostly....


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