Joy and laughter for children at home

Our Virtual Visits (video calls) and Giggle-a-Grams (pre-recorded video messages) bring the playful Giggle Doctor experience to children no matter where they are; in their hospital bed or at home – there’s no limit!

We developed Virtual Visits and Giggle-a-Grams in consultation with staff from our partner hospitals and specialist care centres to ensure that all children can engage with Giggle Doctors even through a screen. When parents were surveyed after their child received a Virtual Visit or Giggle-a-Gram, they noticed their children were more playful afterwards, as well appearing to be under less stress and feeling less isolated.


Contact to making a free booking at a time of your choosing.

Even through a Virtual Visit or watching a Giggle-a-Gram Giggle Doctors have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to build a real connection with each child. Not only is it a bit of a laugh, Virtual Visits and Giggle-a-Grams help reduce the stress and anxiety of children in hospital and support their wellbeing. Parents and carers also enjoy a few moments to relax and see their child get carried away by a joyful moment.


If you are interested in booking a Virtual Visits or Giggle-a-Gram for your child, please contact by email

I love it as not all seriously ill kids are in hospital but still having a very difficult time

A parent
A parent

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