At Theodora Children’s Charity, we often work in giggles, smiles, peaceful moments, and meaningful conversations. These can be tricky to measure with numbers, which is why we take a range of approaches to evaluating our impact. We invite children, parents, NHS staff, Giggle Doctors, donors, and many more to tell their stories or complete our surveys and help us see the difference we’re making, and how we can grow this even further.

Read our 2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 impact report reflects on a busy year bringing playful encounters to over 15,000 children, as well as providing focused training for our Giggle Doctors to help them connect joyfully with each child they meet. Read about what a Giggle Doctor visit can mean for children, their families, hospital staff, and our all-important donors, and find out how Giggle Doctor’s child-led approach provides one solution for providing play in hospital for children and young people with SEN and developmental conditions.

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Read our 2022 Impact Report

Our 2022 impact report shines a spotlight on the voices of different individuals: meet 9-yr-old Kristie who encountered the Giggle Doctors in Brighton, learn what being donor means to Little Lives UK, and read about how Theodora Giggle Doctors are responding to the growing crisis of children’s mental health.

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Read our 2021 Impact Report

2021 represented a year of re-building after the impact of successive Covid-19 lockdowns. Read about how here at Theodora Children’s Charity we developed digitally during the pandemic, learn more about our extensive Giggle Doctor training, and read about the published literature supporting Giggle Doctor work.

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