Joy and laughter for children in hospital

Since we were created we have visited children in over 30 hospitals, hospices, and specialist care centres, with 13 core hospitals that we visit on a regular basis. Giggle Doctors have been visiting children at some hospitals for more than 20 years – learn more on our history page.

Working closely with Health Play Specialists and hospital management means we ensure their visits actively help a child’s stay in hospital. Every interaction is child-led and Giggle Doctors are experts at helping children regain a sense of control, and independence in unfamiliar surroundings.

You only have to look around the wards when the Giggle Doctors are here, to see how much the children enjoy the visit. We all know hospitals can be frightening and boring places for children, however, that is not the case when the Giggle Doctors are around. The children are relaxed, happy and excited – the perfect prescription for sick children

Play Coordinator at Bradford Royal Infirmary
Play Coordinator at Bradford Royal Infirmary

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