22 September 2023

Theatretrain's Dance for Giggles 2023

Theatretrain has put theatre front and centre in a child’s performing arts training. They focus on giving their students the full experience, encouraging them to engage as part of a group while learning the fundamentals of sound, time, space, attitude, movement and storytelling. This method combines inspiring training and essential theatre practices, creating better performers and confident young people.

We have been so grateful to receive the support of Theatretrain groups for many years, and together they have helped us bring giggles to many children living with illness, disability and serious health challenges.

We have supported Theodora for over 10 years now. We know that many parents understand and want to support this wonderful work by Theodora. In fact, I can’t think of a better or more appropriate charity for us to support. We know that the money is much needed and will enable more of those smile-and-laughter inducing visits to take place

Kevin Dowsett, Founder of Theatretrain
Kevin Dowsett, Founder of Theatretrain

On Saturday 7th October 2023, children from all Theatretrain centres will be taking part in a Danceathon at the same time, and getting sponsored by family and friends. They raised over £30,000 in their last Danceathon in 2018, which was donated during the Christmas Matched Funding Campaign: The Big Give, and so was doubled to £62,000.

This year Theatretrain is aiming to raise an incredible £50,000, to be doubled to £100,00! We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who is working hard to make this event a big success.

We were delighted to welcome Kevin to our office to meet with our founder André Poulie earlier this year. It was a great day discussing the wonderful support Theatretrain has shown Theodora’s for many years, and a great opportunity to discuss their upcoming Danceathon

Our very own Dr Princezz introduced Theatretrain to us as she is the Company Director of their branch in Solihull,

I was so pleased we chose them as our national charity as it means so much to me as I get to see first-hand the amazing difference the Giggle Doctors make! They regularly make seriously ill children smile, sometimes for the first time since they arrived in hospital. Parents regularly cry happy tears seeing their often very poorly child blowing bubbles or trying to turn them into a frog with the magic wand the Giggle Doctor gave them.


Giggle Doctors change what can seem like an intimidating and scary place, into a fun one with magic, balloons, storytelling and songs. They leave a warm trail of laughter and understanding with every family they visit.

Sara, Dr Princezz and Company Director in Solihull
Sara, Dr Princezz and Company Director in Solihull

A day at Addenbrookes Children’s Hospital

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