27 June 2024

Noah's time with Dr Cowpat

“Your Giggle Doctors help my little man Noah so much during all his stays.”

Noah has spent a lot of his life living in hospital and during his stays he has met several different Giggle Doctors. He always loves to meet them and spend time with them. He went through a stage a couple of years ago after major surgery where he felt a little nervous of them but they spent the time slowly coming in his room and building his trust back up again which was so kind, by the end of that stay he was so happy to see them again. It was so nice of them to spend the time like they did to build his trust again.

During his most recent stay Noah saw Dr Cowpat. He had been to theatre the day before and we had just come back from X-rays and scans so Noah was having a particularly hard time- it was perfect timing that Dr Cowpat came to our room.

Dr Cowpat chatted to him, asking him how he was and what he was doing. He then surprised him with the different toys in his pockets and could see Noah liked to throw things, so made this into a game. He then played with bubbles and made him some paper animals. 

He was amazing with Noah, just like all the other Giggle Doctors had been.

It always brightens up Noah’s day seeing the Giggle Doctors, he laughs and giggles and has so much fun which is perfect after all the tests and theatre trips. Life in the hospital can be hard and scary at times even when you spend a lot of time there so having the fun and kindness of the Giggle Doctors really helps him. 

It always makes me smile as well when I see the Giggle Doctors. It honestly warms my heart watching them play with Noah. When it’s a Giggle Doctor we’ve already seen before they usually recognise Noah which I always think is lovely with all the other children they see. I love watching how they interact together, it makes me really happy. 
Noah says thank you so much to all the Giggle Doctors and thank you for what they do for all the children. “

– Tracy, Noah’s mum

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