24 June 2024

Our Small Charities Week Fundraising Campaign

It’s Small Charities week, and what better way to celebrate our 30th year as a small (but growing) charity then with our Summer Double Your Donation Campaign. 

From 10.30am Tuesday 25th June to 10.30am Monday 1st July, anything you donate onto our Big Give page will be doubled at no extra cost to you.
Last year our Giggle Doctors visited over 15,000 children across the country and have plans to reach even more in 2024 – by donating you are helping pay for a 4 hour visit by one of our Giggle Doctors to one of our core hospitals across the country. 

Did you know that during a 4 hour visit a Giggle Doctor can meet with around 20 children, plus their parents…plus the hospital staff on the ward at the time of the visit! The benefits of a visit far outreach the very important primary concern that is the child; whether they are months old or 18 years old, the impact of their time in hospital has a ripple effect to people around them.

Our Giggle Doctors are not volunteers, and are able to use their specialised training to adapt to each child’s needs, knowing whether the child  wants to laugh, be transported to a fantasy world by a magic trick, or to simply have a gentle but positive interaction with a person wearing a very silly coat and a pocket full of surprises!

To find out more about the impact of donations visit https://theodora.co.uk/our-impact/ 

To find out more about our Giggle Doctors, we recommend you visit https://theodora.co.uk/meet-the-giggle-doctors/

Double my donation

If you are able to donate anything today via the Big Give, you will be helping us to support the mental health of children in hospitals across the country. 

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30 years of joy and laughter for children in hospital

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