06 September 2021

Meet Charlie and Dr Dotty!

Charlie “Charlie’s face lights up when he sees the Giggle Doctors, and you can see he forgets for a while that he’s having treatment. Having gone so long where the Giggle Doctors weren’t on the wards, they make so much effort with every child in the hospital (and adults) and bring so many smiles to faces. Charlie’s mind is instantly taken away from what he’s facing in hospital. They are silly and fun, just what children like. They are so friendly and kind, very approachable and make such a difference to treatment days. Charlie spots a Giggle Doctor from the other end of the corridor and makes sure he gets their attention…one week, Dr Dotty and Charlie were daring each other to do silly things and had parents and nurses in fits of laughter. Amazing people doing an amazing thing that children, and families, will never forget.” – Kirsty, Charlie’s mum

Dr Dotty shares what it’s like being back in hospital

dr dotty “After 15 long and difficult months for the whole world, it has been absolutely wonderful to return to hospitals in person and visit the children once again. Everyone knows how challenging and isolating the pandemic and lockdown has been, and none more so than the brave children and their families who are undergoing treatment in a now even more restricted hospital environment. Dr Geehee and myself have been able to create playful connections once more, and to be able to find joy and silliness in even the most difficult of times has been amazing. I am thrilled to hear so many lovely comments from staff about having laughter back on the wards, and one nurse in particular expressed how glad they are to have us back, because the children haven’t been able to have anyone visit at all. We always wear the necessary PPE and continue our rigorous infection control procedures and hand hygiene- a mask won’t prevent us from playing and remembering the importance of fun- now more than ever before!” – Dr Dotty 

You can help more children like Charlie enjoy a visit from a Giggle Doctor by clicking below


Our Giggle Doctors are back at Young Epilepsy!

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