11 January 2021

Its Junior January!

Junior Giggle Doctors


What is a Junior Giggle Doctor?

‘Junior Giggle Doctors’ are new members of our team that have recently completed their Giggle Doctor training year.

There are 10 Junior Giggle Doctors, based across England. We have 10 hospitals that support us with our training programme by allowing trainees to develop their skills at their site, accompanied by an experienced Giggle Doctor.

Our current cohort started training with Theodora in Autumn 2018, and became Junior Giggle Doctors in December 2019.

What does it take to become a Junior Giggle Doctor?

Theodora only recruits for the training programme every 4-5 years. When we last recruited, we had well over 100 applicants and so it is very competitive!

All new recruits have experience working with children and have a background in the arts, such as theatre, magic, music or clowning.

The training year is made up of artistic modules as well as essential training for working in the hospital environment. This includes safeguarding, infection control, the hospital environment and play in hospitals.

As well as the training modules, all trainees complete a minimum of 12 visits to different hospitals to put the learning into action, working with an experienced Giggle Doctor, to develop their own Giggle Doctor style and practice.

After several observations from our Giggle Doctor Artistic Coordinators, the trainees graduate to become Junior Giggle Doctors.

Junior Giggle Doctors


What are the Junior Giggle Doctor’s names?

Not all of our Junior Giggle Doctors have decided on their Giggle Doctor names yet. Throughout their training, they can experiment with different names as they develop their character. Once they have decided on their name, they will also design their own special Giggle Doctor coat.

What’s next for the Junior Giggle Doctors?

At the moment, all Giggle Doctors are still unable to visit hospitals due to Covid19 and so our Junior Giggle Doctors are eagerly awaiting to get back on to the wards. As soon as it is safe to do so, our Juniors will continue building on their Giggle Doctor journey until they have gained enough experience to become Senior Giggle Doctors and visit hospitals independently!

Click here to meet our Junior Giggle Doctors!

Design you own festive Giggle Doctor coat!

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