11 April 2024

How the Giggle Doctors helped Rory

“Thanks to Dr Fancy Pants and Dr Geehee – my son laughed so hard, and he didn’t want to leave the hospital because he wanted to see them again!”

“Rory was admitted to hospital with a chest infection which was slow to clear. Despite the amazing nurses and play team, he was getting very fed up after several days in hospital.”

“Luckily the Giggle Doctors came to visit! We first met them in the play area. Rory was playing with some other children and they joined in a musical performance. At that point we had to drag Rory away for a dose of medicine, but luckily the Giggle Doctors were soon in the ward. 

His favourite was Dr Geehee because she made lots of rude noises (we know it was her even though she said it wasn’t)! Rory says “The best bit was when Dr Fancy Pants walked through the toilet door because she thought it was the exit. I laughed and laughed when she came back out!”

“Staying in hospital is exhausting and strange for everyone and the Giggle Doctors were a nice break from all of that. It was lovely to see the children and parents all laughing together. It has made a real difference that he has positive memories of his illness and not just remembering all the horrible scary parts.” 

“When Rory was discharged, he said he didn’t want to leave as he was hoping to see the Giggle Doctors again before he went home. Since then he has been telling everyone about them:

The Giggle Doctors are like real doctors because they made me feel better but in a different way!


Thank you Crystal and Rory for sharing such a wonderful story with us, we are so glad that you enjoyed meeting the Giggle Doctors!

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