20 February 2024

Catching up with Cherubs Nurseries

Tell us about you!

Cherubs Nurseries is a Midlands-based nursery group with nurseries across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Our mission is to make each day even brighter than the last and we believe early years is the best place to start! For 10-years now, we have been supporting local and national charities and causes through our community life work. Every year, we ask our parents, staff and partners to nominate charities they’d like us to consider to help us choose.

It goes without saying that we’re very grateful for your support here at Theodora Children’s Charity – what was it that drew you to the Giggle Doctors initially? 

We were initially introduced to the Giggle Doctors at the Nursery World Awards ceremony we attended in 2018, where they had selected Theodora as the charity partner for the evening.

We were inspired by the story and felt a real synergy between what we do at Cherubs Nurseries and the work of the Theodora Giggle Doctors. Theodora’s commitment to bringing joy and laughter for children in hospital is something that is so vital and with some of the children we care for experiencing hospital stays, we knew it was something we had to support. Even more so because the Giggle Doctors visit many of our local hospitals! 

Over the course of 2023, Theodora Giggle Doctors have visited over 15,000 children. How does it make you feel to know that you’ve supported these visits? 

This is exactly the reason we chose to support the Giggle Doctors not once but twice as our annual charity partner. The real life and meaningful impact their visits have is genuine and far reaching something we are so proud to have been able to support.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about what it’s like to be a donor?   

We don’t usually support the same charity or cause twice within a certain time period, however, the chance to support the Giggle Doctors again in our 30th anniversary year just felt so right.

The opportunity to compound our initial donation in 2019 of £10,000 with another donation in 2023 of almost £17,000 (thanks to match-funding) is a massive highlight in our history books. We are such advocates for making children’s days even brighter than the last and when the going gets tough it’s charities like you that are there to make a lasting difference.

For me, a personal highlight of the partnership was attending the charity’s 25th anniversary celebrations in London in 2019. It really cemented the impact of our work at Cherubs Nurseries and the importance of our community life work. We were also able to meet founder, André along with Dr Dovetail and Dr Easy Peasy – talking and sharing stories really bought our partnership to life.

Interview with Harry Mills, Chief Brand Officer, Cherubs Nurseries

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