When it comes to writing your Will, family and loved ones will be your priority, but many people also wish to leave a legacy to a charity like ours that is doing great things.

Leaving a gift to the Theodora Children’s Charity, however large or small, will help us continue to visit children that need us, making sure the joy and magic of Giggle Doctor moments last for years to come.

Download information about leaving a gift in your will here:

Download Legacy Pledge Form here.

If you have already left a gift to us in your Will, please get in touch and let us know by completing this pledge form and emailing it to holly.delanougerede@theodora.org, or posting to Suite 212 Spaces, 70 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PP.

We would love the opportunity to thank you for thinking of us at that time, but will ensure all information is kept confidential and treated with discretion.

If you have already written your Will but would like to amend it to include a gift to the Theodora Children’s Charity, you may need to complete a Codicil form. This can sometimes be easier to do, rather than having a new Will created. However, it is important to speak to your Solicitor first to ensure any amendments are valid

To honour someone close to you whether in dedication of, or in tribute to, you set up online pages via www.muchloved.com or www.justgiving.com and share that with friends and family. You can use these pages to share stories and memories, whilst also collecting donations in their name for a cause close to your heart.